Wednesday, July 16, 2008

my little swimmer

Addy started her first round of swimming lessons ever last week. I can not get over how good she's doing! Here was the girl that would never step foot in the water without her floaty, and who was too scared to put her face in the water to blow bubbles just 2 weeks ago. She's now jumping into the water and swimming back to the wall all by herself!

I am so proud of her! One thing having a child with disabilities has taught me is to really appreciate my kids' accomplishments. I got teary eyed watching her swim!

This picture is sort of hard to see but she's the girl on the left with her face in the water swimming to her instructor. Yesterday she swam almost the entire width of the pool with no help.

At the end of the lesson the kids are encouraged to go down the waterslides. Last week Addy wouldn't even attempt it. Monday she went down for the first time, after a little hesitation and last night she went right down and didn't even need her instructor to catch her!

We'll finish up this week of lessons and then do 2 more weeks after we get back from vacation. Maybe next summer we'll get to go to Noah's Ark in Wisconsin!


designwaitress said...

HA! This is great. She's going to have so much fun at the lake next week!!

Brooklyn said...

Very cool Addy! Those slides look great!

Avery said...

Awesome, Addy! Way to go-