Thursday, June 26, 2008

curtain pictures

I love Pottery Barn Kids but can't handle their prices on most things. I bought sheers from PBK (actually ebay) for all the girls rooms but made the actual curtains and I think they turned out pretty cute!

These are Riley's - I also made covers for the couch pillows since we slipcovered the couch. These were the only curtains I made out of actual fabric - pink with green polka dots that go perfectly with her wall color.
Morgan's curtains I had intended for Addy's room until Addy informed me she didn't want polka dots. They are bright pink with white dots. I made them out of a set of sheets from Target. Love Target!
Addy's were also made out of a set of sheets from Target. She picked out the color though. She wanted brighter pink with no polka dots - and she got it!

Not curtains but a great addition to any screened porch: the Barbie Playhouse! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

fun at the boat landing

Just so it doesn't look like it was all work and no play for the last week - we did take the girls down to the boat landing last night. It's right in our backyard so it's pretty easy to do. One of these days we'll make it all the way down to the actual beach on the lake!

Poor Sadie wanted to go in the water so bad - but we didn't want her to be all wet so late in the day. She's snuck in on her own a few times already though!
Addy is the only one who actually went in!

Mississippi Girls

I find myself singing that Faith Hill song a lot lately. :-)

From this (in Georgia):
To this:

I should have taken pictures of all the boxes we had in here but I'm pretty proud of how much we got done in one week! We did have my in-laws here to help though, otherwise I'm sure we'd still be living out of boxes!

I gave a couple pieces of furniture away before we moved (love Freecycle!) and amazingly everything else fits pretty well. I'm not too sold on the king-sized bed in Morgan's room but it works for now.

I have to say I LOVE my new cooktop and double ovens. I didn't think I'd like gas again but this one is so much better than the one we had in Minneapolis. And the ovens have pretty blue on the inside and the ding is so cute. :)

The screened in porch is probably the best thing we had them add to the house before we moved in. It's so great to sit outside and not have bugs fly all around us!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mississippi again

After driving through some pretty nasty thunderstorms on Sunday we are back in Mississippi again. Mitch came home to Georgia last weekend and we packed up anything we wanted to take that the movers wouldn't pack and brought it here. We close on our house next Tuesday, and I can't wait!

Right now the plan is for Mitch's parents to come here on Saturday and then Sunday Morgan and I will go back to Georgia to be there when the movers pack up our house. Then we'll come back Wednesday and move into our new house either Wednesday or Thursday.

I finally saw the house yesterday for the first time since April. I'm a little more nervous about how we're going to fit all our stuff in it. Might have to Craigslist a few things... It's harder now that we won't have a basement for storage, plus the garage is a lot smaller than our current garage.

Also - it's HOT here! Addy is going to Vacation Bible School this week and I think I'll try to walk with Morgan after we drop her off, otherwise it's too hot. Going to Wisconsin next month will be a nice relief!