Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Is 16 months old now so I think she deserves a post about her!
  • she has curly brown hair - different from her blonde sisters! Looking back I realize that Addy's hair was quite curly at this age too, but she was definitely blonde. Riley too, although Riley had straight hair.
  • She says "ball" for sure. Just in the last week or two she started saying "hi", "bye-bye" (with a wave) and "uh oh" appropriately. She's been saying hi and bye-bye for a while but often not when she's "supposed" to. She also says "mama" and "dada" but it doesn't always seem like the words are directed at us.
  • while she doesn't say their names yet if you ask her where Addy, Riley or Sadie are she'll look towards them so we know she understands at least.
  • when she wants food it's "mooo?" like she's saying more. She is getting better about food, I'd say within the last 3 weeks really. She pretty much went from eating almost nothing, maybe a taste of yogurt here, a lick of ice cream there, to eating lots of cereal and especially Pirate's Booty in a sitting. She even eats ham! And we almost have to give her her own bowl of ice cream now. :) Still not drinking anything but mama's milk but hopefully that'll come. Once in a while she takes sips of water. Oh and she loves shredded cheese! My Wisconsin roots coming out in her. :)
  • she loves carrying a purse and pretends to talk on the phone all the time which is so cute!
  • she started walking at 11 months (or was it 10? poor 3rd child). I think she was standing on her own at 10 months, walking closer to 11. Anyway, she now runs, jumps (sometimes off the couch, oops) climbs.
  • She just got her 9th tooth! She's had the same 8 for months so she was due.
  • Her sleeping is hiddeous, especially lately. Maybe more teeth are on the way. She still sleeps with mom and dad. One of these days we'll get her in the crib. She screams bloody murder when I put her in it for naps so I figure I'll work on those first.
  • She is an absolute joy and makes me laugh constantly. Even when she sprawls herself on the floor and throws one of her many temper tantrums. I just can't imagine life without her!
Part of me wishes she'd stay this age forever and part of me wishes she'd just hurry the next 2-3 months along. This is about the age Riley started turning into herself and regressing. We didn't really notice it until she was about 18 months so I figure once Morgan passes that mark I'll stop watching her so closely all the time. I know I could get her tested and know but I really don't want to wonder if that phone call is coming, or if the letter from the genetics department is in the mail. Plus I think it would be worse for me to watch her grow and develop only to know it'll be taken away. I just want to enjoy her. And I do!


designwaitress said...

That was a great post.
And now I'm crying.

Avery said...

Erin, I can totally sympathize with you. After having cole, I watched Avery like a hawk. Initally I thought she had autism too.
My only advice, enjoy her! Try not to get to wrapped up in the what ifs because ultimately we cant stop or change the course we are on.

She is so very precious!

Brooklyn said...

What a great post! I love learning about ALL your girls. Morgan is a complete doll! I am so glad I got to meet the entire family at Chicago, I only hope we can all get together again sometime. I love you all like family!

Tracy9-15 said...

Oh she is beautiful! I love those curls!