Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Art Wednesdays

The kids in the class right before Addy's came out with water color paintings and I'm glad Addy did the same type of painting as last week. I can just see a wall covered with these things!

Last Saturday Addy and I went to Michael's for an American Girl craft event so I took this picture to send to my American Girl friend. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Morgan sleeps!

Ok perhaps not as impressive as Addy's painting but it sure surprises the heck out of me!
A little background: Morgan has slept with us every night since she was born. Heck, she even naps in our bed (without me, though). I've tried to put her in her crib on and off and every time she screams her little head off and never sleeps. I let her go for an hour like that, it's about as long as I can take it. I was figuring we just needed to skip the crib altogether and move her to a big girl bed.
Fast forward to a week and a half ago. Morgan's sleeping is SO TERRIBLE I have to get her out of my bed just so I can have even the tiniest bit of sleep. So I decide to start laying her in her crib for naps and the first time she cried for maybe 20 minutes and then SHOCK! She fell asleep! The first couple of times she didn't get much of a nap but hey it was something and it was IN HER CRIB!
Friday the 12th (my birthday) Mitch and I go see a 10:00pm movie (Burn After Reading - very funny!) and my mom puts Morgan in her crib to sleep. I left her there and she ended up sleeping until 2:15am. Four hours, not bad for her! So I decide to keep starting her out in the crib, even if I could just get 4 hours of unbroken sleep that would be HUGE after what I was used to.
Night 2 she sleeps from 9:00 until, get this, 6:15! I couldn't believe it and figured it had to be a fluke but nope! Every night since then she has slept for about 11 hours straight in her crib. I am so amazed! And so rested, ahhhh... I thought it would take nights and nights of lots of crying to get to this but she hardly cries at all now, maybe just for a minute. She has the saddest look on her face when I lay her down for the night and it breaks my heart but she wakes up with a smile on her face every morning so I know she gets over it and forgives me. :) It's about time though!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

well I'm impressed

Addy LOVES to draw, paint, color - anything artsy/crafty. Her teachers are always telling us how she puts more detail in her drawings than anyone else in the class so I signed her up for art lessons and last night she had her first class. She painted this picture! Then she came home and drew another picture she called "10 pretty things". She's hooked!
I think I'm going to need to invest in some frames...

Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm 33 today

Some things I'd like to do today:

eat ice cream
get a pedicure
fun dinner out with the family - maybe with some live music
go see a movie - I haven't seen a movie in a theater in years!
eat these cupcakes

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Morgan at 18 months

22 pounds, 25th percentile
31.5 inches, 50-75th percentile
head is 18 inches, 50th percentile

In other words, she's perfectly on target! :)

She says:
Nama (grandma)
Num num num
thank you (tee you)
meow (cat)
hee haw (donkey or horse)
uh oh
oh no

And she repeats a lot of what we say so I think lots more words are coming soon!

Her favorite things to do are puzzles - especially animal puzzles - and read books! She also LOVES to wear other people's shoes. She is always walking around in either my flip flops or a pair of Addy's shoes.

She had her first vaccination today - the Hib shot. Handled it like a champ and I'll probably take her back in a couple months to get another one. Ideally I'd like her to be caught up by the time she's 3 1/2 in case I put her in preschool. If not, I'll catch her up when she's 4. I just wanted her to be past this 18 month mark.