Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas parties, oh my

Last week we were bombarded by Christmas parties. Between the Christmas party we had here for Mitch's coworkers and all Addy's activities and Riley's teachers and therapists I feel like I've been buying gifts nonstop.

Last week we had Addy's swimming party, where she got to decorate an underwater tree!

We also had Addy's dance party, which I liked since parents normally don't get to stay and observe so it was fun to watch them put on a mini-performance for us.

And of course there were the school parties. We didn't go to Riley's - I guess no parents did so while I felt a little guilty I didn't feel TOO guilty. I had already committed to help out at Addy's party which was the same day and time so I had fun watching the kids make a mess, I mean make crafts and decorate cookies. :)

I made cupcakes for Addy's dance party which were pretty good, if I do say so myself. :)
Ok I think I'm caught up in my blog now! Except for a ridiculously funny story about Mitch the night he picked my brother up from the airport. But I need to try to get a picture off my brother's phone first!

bye-bye glasses

Ok so that is a picture of me with Riley as a baby, so going on 4 years ago now. But it's the only one I could find of me wearing glasses!
I had LASIK done 11 days ago and am SO happy I can see! I was a little worried at first because my left eye was blurry for a while, but now it's all good.

my parents

Are here!

They are renting an apartment about 20 minutes from my house for THREE months! It's so strange (but in a good way) to be living in the same town as my mom and dad again. I haven't lived within 4 hours of them since ... well I guess since I lived with them in high school and summers in college! It's especially nice now that I have kids, too. Addy is loving being able to see her Gramma nearly every day. And I love being able to go over there for dinner when Mitch has a work dinner.

It's also fun to do things like meet my mom WITHOUT the kids and go shopping! Here we are doing just that at Target. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Cards

It was a beautiful day out yesterday so after naptime I decided to have the girls put on their Christmas dresses and go outside to take some pictures to hopefully use on our Christmas card. Apparently getting a good picture of the 4 of them (yes, including the dog!) is not going to happen this year. The dog just wanted to chase a ball and Morgan, well, Morgan would not sit still for one second. Between that and trying to get a picture without Riley's hand in front of her face... yeah, pretty impossible.

I did get one picture for the card that I will keep a secret (though still not the greatest), but here are some rejects!

oh, Addy

I cut Addy's hair last night (at her request) and while I was cutting it she was drawing a picture. I didn't actually look at the picture until this morning.

I may not be a great hair-cutter, but I swear her hair does NOT look like that!

Monday, November 17, 2008

back at it

I figured out the best way to keep baking cakes and NOT eat them all! I volunteered to make birthday cakes for a local children's home. My first one was for a 12 year old girl who likes football. A little different from my princess-loving girls but I think it turned out pretty cute!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

too early for Christmas?

Not at our house! Addy got sick at school yesterday so she is home today. It's 60 degrees with rain and wind so we are listening to Christmas music and decorating the house!