Monday, June 23, 2008

Mississippi Girls

I find myself singing that Faith Hill song a lot lately. :-)

From this (in Georgia):
To this:

I should have taken pictures of all the boxes we had in here but I'm pretty proud of how much we got done in one week! We did have my in-laws here to help though, otherwise I'm sure we'd still be living out of boxes!

I gave a couple pieces of furniture away before we moved (love Freecycle!) and amazingly everything else fits pretty well. I'm not too sold on the king-sized bed in Morgan's room but it works for now.

I have to say I LOVE my new cooktop and double ovens. I didn't think I'd like gas again but this one is so much better than the one we had in Minneapolis. And the ovens have pretty blue on the inside and the ding is so cute. :)

The screened in porch is probably the best thing we had them add to the house before we moved in. It's so great to sit outside and not have bugs fly all around us!


designwaitress said...

The house looks great! I can't wait to come down and visit. I especially LOVE the screened-in porch.

Anonymous said...

great house - we need to come and visit!

Meribeth said...

hey, we have that same sofa and chair, in the same color--but micrsosuede, not leather. ;)

take more house pics. it's beautiful! glad to read you are settling in nicely. that porch...aah...

Brooklyn said...

The house is beautiful, I know I said that before but it is! I hope you all are getting settled in. Keep posting the pictures, I love them!