Wednesday, March 12, 2008

post cake pictures?

About the same as the pre-cake pictures. Morgan won't eat, not even her cake! She got a little encouragement and help from Addy and some other guests but she still wouldn't dig in. Oh well, it was easy to clean her up afterwards!

I'm pretty sure Addy made this little mess, Morgan's hands were too clean! Maybe she just wanted to be done with the cake and get to the good part - presents!

Morgan had a very good first birthday - we just invited over a few neighbors over but even with just 3 other families there were 14 kids age 10 and under and 8 adults so it was enough!

1 comment:

designwaitress said...

She obviously doesn't have your sweet tooth. Or any sort of food tooth, apparently.
It looks like she raked in the gifts. Way to go! ;)