Tuesday, March 25, 2008

boring moving stuff

We are moving.
I have to get this through my head and get more excited about it! I think I'll be more excited once we find a house. According to Mitch I'm not going to like the apartment he's got and knowing how much I hated living in our rental house last year waiting for our house to be built we need to find a house soon.

Why are we moving?
This question was asked in Riley's blog but I'll answer it here. It does mostly have to do with Riley - we live in a small town with not-so-good services for special needs kids. Our OT comes from the school system and has told me I should jump at the chance to leave. Our therapist who has a 3 year old son with autism said she would pack her bags tomorrow if she had an opportunity like mine.
Mississippi probably isn't our first choice or anything but a job came up that Mitch liked and they offered to buy our house so we took it. There's no way we could afford to buy a new house or pay rent along with therapy and our current house payment. We're moving to a bigger city that seems to know what they're doing as far as special needs kids so hopefully we made the right decision. There's an autism school in Jackson we were trying to get Riley into but with her new diagnosis I'm not sure that's the right place for her. I still think the schools there are better than the schools here.
Plus! The nearest Target here is an hour and a half away. The nearest Starbucks is 45 minutes away. I am excited to be around civilization again!

So anyway!
We (me and the kids) leave next Thursday to spend a week and a half in Jackson and lucky for me my awesome friend Jessica is meeting us there! We'll look for houses, look at schools and look at private therapy options. Hopefully after that we'll know what we're doing!


designwaitress said...

And I can't wait to come down!
We can actually have Starbucks? Yes!!

Brooklyn said...

Moving is never fun But I hope it will be a smooth transition for ALL of you. My little ol town JUST got a Starbucks - I am a much happier gal now :) Target.....still 40 minutes away...bummer

Andrea said...

I didn't realize that they offered to buy your house! Wow... that didn't make the decision as hard, then did it?

I hope the move is easy... wish we lived closer so we could help! As a prof. mover (um, just figured it out... 9 times since 1998)... I know how tough it can be.

Good luck!