Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm a bad blogger

Being home alone with three kids will do that to me though! We are in Georgia now and while I don't necessarily like being on my own 24/7 I do like having places to go like Addy's school to break up the day. Plus I have a college girl coming over a few nights a week so that helps.

All 3 kids are sick right now which SUCKS but we're on the mend, I think. Mitch comes home this weekend and then my parents will be in Tennessee the following weekend so either I can go there or my mom can come here. They sold their TN house so they're having a garage sale May 9 and I'll likely join in, then Addy graduates preschool May 16 and after that we can go to MS for good. I placed what I hope is my last online order at Old Navy today, and after that I can shop in the actual store. Woo-hoo!

We put an offer on a house in MS, they counter-offered, and now we're counter-offering again. It's so tempting to build again to get exactly what we want but I really don't want to live in an apartment for a year again. I want a house this summer so I can plant flowers!

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